Open Source CFD codes Training day

U. Manchester, School of Mace, G. Begg Building, Room B7 Tuesday pm, 15 July 2008 ( Traveling info & maps)

The aim of this workshop is to provide a training session on Code_Saturne, an open source Open-Source CFD. This session will be held on the computer cluster on machines running GNU/Linux operating system.

In order to attend at the training session please contact Dr J. C. Uribe or Stefano Rolfo.


  • 13:00 : Introduction to Code_Saturne: A finite volume CFD open Source solver.
    • Introduction, overview of capabilities, current users and applications, current developments.
  • 13.45 : Coffee break
  • 14:15 : Short demo using GUI.
  • 14:30 : Hands-on session (supervised by users)
    • Flow inside a stratified pipe with variable density and viscosity. Running and post-processing.
    • Time for specific user queries.
  • 16.30 : Close

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