Unsteady Forces on Marine Current Turbines Effects of Turbulence and Wakes

                Marine-current turbines extracting energy from tidal streams are most regular and predictable sources of renewable energy, in contrast to wind turbines. However, there is comparatively little long-term data on their performance  (the first commercial large scale marine current turbine was only connected to the grid in 2008 [7]). Due to the complex bathymetry at viable sites and to the presence of surface waves, a high level of approach-flow turbulence may be anticipated. To extract a satisfactory amount of energy it may also be necessary to locate several devices in close proximity. There is a need, therefore, for a flexible and reliable numerical model of the fluctuating loads on blades and their supports to study various designs in various environmental conditions.      

PhD Project

      The research student will develop a three-dimensional CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) model of a marine-current turbine allowing the detailed study of the transient flow across the rotor and including the effects of waves- and bathymetry- induced turbulence.

The model will be built with the general-purpose, open-source CFD Code_SaturneCode_Saturne __ [1], [2] (developed by EDF R&D) which has been well validated for its turbulence models (Large Eddy Simulation and Reynolds Averaged Navier Stokes) and applications to flow around cylinders, wing tips and trailing edges [3], [4]. It has been recently equipped with the “chimera” method (moving-overlapping-grids). Both capabilities will be used to perform a complete calculation of the flow around moving blades (as opposed to the “actuator-disc” simplification used in many CFD simulations hitherto). In the final stages the free-surface effects as waves are passing above the turbine, will be taken into account by the Volume of Fluid (VOF) method.       The main objective is the prediction of unsteady hydrodynamic forces on the blades, requiring refined 3D simulations, blade-mast interactions, and reconstruction of turbulent fluctuations given by an upstream boundary layer Reynolds averaged simulation. A realistic spectrum of marine boundary layer inflow turbulence for the large-eddy simulation will be generated using the synthetic-eddy method of Jarrin [5], [6].      


      The PhD thesis will be based at the University of Manchester in the Energy, Environment and Climate change research group, part of the Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering School [8]. The student will be supervised by experts in turbulence modelling, CFD and physics of waves and tide, and Code_SaturneCode_Saturne  d d evelopers at Manchester and EDF R&D. Finally, he will have access to one of the world’s top supercomputers owned by EDF R&D (32 000 cores Blue Gene cluster).          


   [1] Archambeau, F., Mechitoua, N., Sakiz, M. - Code_SaturneCode_Saturne _ : a Finite Volume Code for the Computation of Turbulent Incompressible Flows – Industrial Applications, InternationaInternational Journal on Finite Volumes, Vol. 1, 2004, http://averoes.math.univ-paris13.fr l Journal on Finite Volumes, Vol. 1, 2004, http://averoes.math.univ-paris13.fr _     
   [2] http://rd.edf.com/code_saturne official code download & documentation website.   www.saturne.cfdtm.org  code saturne wiki at Manchester.      
   [3] Revell A, Duraisamy K, Iaccarino G, Advanced Turbulence modelling of wingtip vortices, Turbulence and Shear Flow Phenomena TSPF5, Munich. Germany. 27 August 2007, (2007)      
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   [5] Two Velocities hybrid RANS-LES of a trailing edge flow, Uribe, J. C., Jarrin, N., Prosser, R. and Laurence, D., IUTAM Symp. on "Unsteady Separated Flows " Corfu 2007, to appear J. Flow Turbulence & Combustion, (2009)      
   [6] http://cfd.mace.manchester.ac.uk/twiki/bin/view/Main/NicolasJarrin      
   [7] http://www.marineturbines.com/     http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SeaGen   [8] http://www.mace.manchester.ac.uk/research/groups/ Energy, Environment and Climate change research group.      


      David.Apsley@manchester.ac.uk   Dominique.Laurence@manchester.ac.uk   Bruno.Audebert@edf.fr                   Rev. Date : 14 Jan 2009  

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