<vv> problem

I niticed a bit problem that comes out in most of the simulation I performed (SEM and DF-SEM), and that highly affect the results. The <vv> component of the Reynods tensor is suddenly almost all dissipated (as the following pictures show!)

A similar dissipation appears in <uu> and <vv> as well, but not with such impact! I though it might be due to the turbulence clipping (which, decreasing <uu>, overestimates <vv>) but it is not totally true!

Length scale limited to the wall distance


Left: DFSEM - Right: DFSEM limited to the eddy wall distance

Hybrid SEM / DFSEM

I chose a arbitrary boundary between the two methods at $ y^+=75 $. Here you are the results:

Length scale k^3/2 / eps

Without clipping to the length scale [interesting results!!]

Davidson Method

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