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Research Interests:
Turbulence Modelling, RANS Computation of Unsteady Turbulent Flows, Heat Transfer Modelling Open Source CFD (OpenFoam ,Saturne,Salome)

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Research Output

Research Publications: Research Publications:

paper Modelling the Effect of Flow Pulsation on Turbulent Flow in A 10o Plane Diffuser, . Craft T J, Iacovides H, Momeni P, European Fluid Mechanics Conference, Manchester, Sept 2008, (2008)
paper CONVECTIVE HEAT TRANSFER IN PULSED SEPARATED FLOWS , T.J. Craft, H. Iacovides, P. Momeni*, UK Heat transfer conference September Edinburgh, (2007)
paper Modelling the effect of forced unsteadiness on flow and heat transfer in separated and reattaching flows, T.J. Craft, H. Iacovides, P. Momeni, Proc. 5th Int. Symp. on Turbulence and Shear Flow Phenomena, Munich, (2007)
paper MODELLING FLOW AND HEAT TRANSFER IN SEPARATED AND REATTACHING FLOWS , T. J. Craft, H. Iacovides, P. Momeni*, Graduate Research conference June, Manchester, (2007)
paper Computation of Flow and Heat Transfer in Abrupt Pipe Expansions using Non-Linear Eddy-Viscosity Models of Turbulence, T.J. Craft, H. Iacovides, P. Momeni, 9th UK National Heat Transfer Conference, Manchester, (2005)

Theses, Dissertations and Technical Reports: Theses, Dissertations and Technical Reports:

book Modelling the Effect of Pulsation on Flow and Heat Transfer in Turbulent Separated and Reattaching Flows, Parham Momeni, PhD Thesis, The University of Manchester, (2008)
book Unsteady Heat Transfer and Turbulent Flows with Non-Linear Models , Parham Momeni, 1st Year PhD Report, Manchester University, (2005)
book Numerical modeling of Heat transfer and turbulent flows with non-linear models, Parham Momeni, MSc Dissertation, UMIST, (2004)

Presentations: Presentations:

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