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This page is students starting their research degree. Here you can find information on courses, software and various things that can make you life as a researcher easier.


Modelling and Simulation Codes for Mech Aero and Civil Engineering

  • For Fluid Dynamics Code_Saturne from EDF is used by most researchers in the CFDTM group as it is open source and allows you to code your own models in simple FORTRAN. Have a look at the the Saturne Web on this Wiki.

  • For other open source CFD and meshing and visualization software look at the page Open Source List

Research, Plotting, Editing writing tools

  • Of course, the first tool of any researcher ... Google. Make sure you have installed add-ons such as:
    • Zotero, for great bibliography / reference management
    • British Dictionary for spell checks (e.g. when editing your wiki pages !
    • Foxit for .pdf editing
  • In UNIX- Linux environment Research Tools
  • If you have your PC with the school image of Scientific Linux, you might want to add repositories to be able to install scientific packages. To do so, have a look here


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