This is a full description of the different modifications done to the standard 1.3.2 version for the implementation of the %$\varphi-\alpha $% model (starting from the implementation of the %$\varphi$% model) :
  • resv2f.F: Sub-routine where the elliptic / transport equation for %$\alpha$% and %$\varphi$% are implemented
    • the time scale definition has moved just before the definition of the explicit source term of %$\varphi$%
    • the explicit source term of the elliptic variable, now %$\alpha$%, is now only %$-1$%
    • the explicit source term of %$\varphi$% has changed.
      • it now uses the explicit value of the homogeneous pressure strain %$f_h=-\frac{1}{T}(C_1-1+C_2 \frac{P}{\varepsilon \rho}) \big(\varphi-\frac{2}{3}\big)$%, stored into the variable FHOMOG
      • the explicit source term of %$\varphi$% now becomes: %$\alpha^p f_h \rho + \frac{2}{k} \frac{\mu_t}{\sigma_k} \frac{\partial \varphi}{\partial x_j} \frac{\partial k}{\partial x_j}$%
      • The exponent coefficient (equal to 3) is stored into the variable COEFFP
      • The array W1(IEL) stores the cross gradient %$\frac{\partial \varphi}{\partial x_i} \frac{\partial k}{\partial x_i}$%
    • the implicit source term of %$\varphi$% now integrates the near wall model for %$f$%, thus requiring %$(1-\alpha^p)\varepsilon\frac{\varphi}{k}$% to be added
  • turbke.F: Where the transport equations ruling %$k$% and %$\varepsilon$% are coded
    • the expression of the "constant" %$C_{\varepsilon 1}$% is modified: %$C_{\varepsilon 1} '=C_{\varepsilon 1} (1+A_1(1-\alpha^p)\sqrt{\frac{1}{\varphi}})$%
  • iniini.F: Where the constants of the model are defined. The following table gives all of them, but they might change again...
    %$C_{\varepsilon1}$% %$C_{\varepsilon2}$% %$A_1$% %$C_\mu$% %$C_1$% %$C_2$% %$p$% %$\sigma_\varepsilon$% %$\sigma_k$% %$\sigma_\varphi$% %$C_L$% %$C_\eta$% %$C_T$%
    1.44 1.83 0.04 0.22 1.7 1.2 3 1.22 1 1 0.161 90 6

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