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Below are links to lecture notes, tutorial problems, solutions and other material for courses that I teach. Most are pdf documents. %W% Files will not be available from outside the University of Manchester unless VPN is installed.

4th Year Aero : Advanced Aerodynamics (MACE40112)

You need only download the .zip file below, but in case this does not work, the individual files are also available in the second table.

NACA4412 Lab Files Download
All files in a .zip n4412_lab.zip

NACA4412 Lab Individual Files Download
cp12.dat cp12.dat
n4412C.msh n4412C.msh
n4412M.msh n4412M.msh
n4412F.msh n4412F.msh
n4412M_SA.cas n4412M_SA.cas
n4412M_SA.dat n4412M_SA.dat
n4412M_KE.cas n4412M_KE.cas
n4412M_KE.dat n4412M_KE.dat
n4412M_SST.cas n4412M_SST.cas
n4412M_SST.dat n4412M_SST.dat

Shocktube Lab Files Download
Lab handout FLUENT-Shock-tube.pdf
Tube Mesh tube.msh
Tube1 STube1.cas
Tube2 STube2.cas
Tube3 STube3.cas
Pres_Theory Pres_theory.txt
Rho_Theory Rho_theory.txt
Ux_Theory Ux_theory.txt

1st Year Aero : Spacecraft Flight MACE11112

Lecture Download Worked Examples
Lecture 1: Introduction, Gravitation and Circular Motion (2hrs) ORBMECH_L_01.pdf OM_WE_01.pdf
Lecture 2: Orbits ORBMECH_L_02.pdf OM_WE_02.pdf
Lecture 3: Satellites (2hrs) ORBMECH_L_03.pdf OM_WE_03.pdf
Lecture 3b: Transfer Orbits ORBMECH_L_03b.pdf OM_WE_04.pdf
Lecture 4: Interplanetary Missions (2hrs) ORBMECH_L_04.pdf OM_WE_05.pdf
Lecture 5: Rocket Propulsion (2hrs) ORBMECH_L_05.pdf OM_WE_06.pdf

Tutorials Download
Tutorial Questions Orb_Mech_Tut1.pdf
Tutorial Solutions Orb_Mech_Tut1_Solutions.pdf

Past Papers Download
Jan 2006 FlightMechanics_Exam_2006.pdf
Jan 2007 (Section B) OrbitalMechanics_Exam_2007.pdf
Formula Sheet 2008 FormulaSheet_2008.pdf

Links for Interest

http://www.eg.bucknell.edu/physics/astronomy/astr101/specials/aristarchus.html: Here is a description of how Aristarchus measured the size of the Moon http://www.eg.bucknell.edu/physics/astronomy/astr101/specials/eratosthenes.html: and Eratosthenes method for calculating the Earth's circumference

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