The equations behind the Wall Adapating Large Eddy simulation model are shown here : WALE

The WALE model has been implemented into Code Saturne as LES model 42 and does not include Van Driest damping by default.

CAUTION needs to be fully tested (N.B. the files are updated and corrected periodically)

Set the model constant to between %$0.15 < C_s < 0.25$% in the usini1.F file e.g.

      RO0   (IPHAS) = 1.D0
      VISCL0(IPHAS) = 1.D0/180.D0
      CP0   (IPHAS) = 1219.D0
      CSMAGO(IPHAS) = 0.25

A paper with some details of the formulation of the model ICFD_WALE.pdf

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