Sergei Utyuzhnikov

Senior Research Fellow,

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Research Interests:

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Active sound control
  • Turbulence modelling
  • Nonlocal boundary conditions
  • Multiobjective Optimisation
  • Industrial mathematics

Contact Details:
home: C32, George Begg Bld, Sackville Street,
phone: +44 161 306 3707

  • Location: University of Manchester, UK

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Research Output

Research Publications: Research Publications:

paper Methods used and highlighted results from UMIST. . "FLOMANIA — A European Initiative on Flow Physics Modelling". , Uribe J, Utyuzhnikov S V, Revell A, Gerasimov A, Laurence D R P., Springer. ISBN 978-3-540-28786-5. 2006, (2006)
paper A robust formulation of the v2f model, Laurence, D. Uribe, J. C. and Utyuzhnikov, S. V., Flow Turbulence and Combustion, Vol. 73, pp. 169-185, (2004)

Theses, Dissertations and Technical Reports: Theses, Dissertations and Technical Reports:

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