Simon Gant

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Research Interests:
Turbulence, gas dispersion, fires, multiphase flows

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home: Health & Safety Laboratory, Harpur Hill, Buxton, SK17 9JN,
phone: +44(0)1298 218134

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Research Publications: Research Publications:

paper Development and application of wall-function treatments for turbulent forced and mixed convection flows, Craft, T.J., Gant, S.E., Gerasimov, A.V., Iacovides, H., Launder, B.E, Fluid Dyn. Res., Vol. 38, pp. 127-144, (2006)
paper Application of a Generalised RANS Wall-Function, to Recirculating Flows with Heat Transfer, T.J.Craft, S.E. Gant and H. Iacovides, ICCHMT4, 4th International Conference on Computational Heat and Mass Transfer, Paris, France, May 2005, (2005)
paper Three-dimensional simulation of rotor-stator cavity flow , Craft, T.J., Gant S.E., Iacovides, H., Launder, B.E. and Serre, E, _CSAR Focus Magazine (, Vol. 31, (2004)
paper A new wall function strategy for complex turbulent flows, Craft, T.J., Gant, S.E., Iacovides, H., Launder, B.E., Numerical Heat Transfer, Vol. 45, pp. 301-318, (2004)

Theses, Dissertations and Technical Reports: Theses, Dissertations and Technical Reports:

Presentations: Presentations:

ppt Challenges in validation of unsteady modelling approaches, _CFD Workshop on Test Cases, (7 2008)

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