Errors and bugs documented from our recent upgrade from TWiki v4.0.1 to TWiki v4.3.1


Problem registering new users:
  • Error relates to Mail command, mail server possibly not configured to enable out-going emails
Warning: Could not send confirmation email ERROR: Exit code 17664 from TWiki::cfg{MailProgram} at /home/httpd/twiki/lib/TWiki/ line 375. Too many failures sending mail\n\nYou are NOT logged-in and your account is, or soon will be deactivated.\n Your e-mail address must be valid to register successfully.

  • The problem seems to come from the mail program. Here is one entry from the maillog file:

Oct 26 10:01:00 cfd sendmail[9054]: n9QA10YR009054: to=Gustavo Perez <>, ctladdr=apache (48/48), delay=00:00:00, xdelay=00:00:00, mailer=relay, pri=31742, relay=[] [], dsn=5.0.0, stat=Service unavailable

  • FIXED: : Needed to add Mail to lthe list of the allowed services by the firewall. Sendmail works but need to test new registration -- JuanUribe - 2009-10-26
  • I've just received e-mail notification of a new registration - so presumably it is working now. I'd also, previously, modified /etc/mail/ to match the mailrouter entry on the old machine (I suspect it points to an old router, and there's a more "correct" way of setting it - but it seems to work!)-- TC

Unable to 'create' new topic in forum :
  • error relates to 'save' script Attention:
  • The save script can only be called with POST method. Example:

<form name="new" action="/twiki/bin/save/Sandbox/" method="post"> ... </form>
If you are developing a TWikiApplication , see TWikiScripts#save for a description of the correct parameters.

  • I think this comes from the skin/template. When I try to save a new topic, the warn log file has the following:
  • | 2009-10-26 - 18:15 | TWiki::Plugins::TWikiNetSkinPlugin::initPlugin did not return true (0)

FIXED: Edit the submition form in DiscussionForumBody .txt and included method="post". Also changed WebPreferences to use the correct skin.

-- JuanUribe - 2009-10-27

Users can't modify their homepage:
  • The permissions on all users pages are set by a test IF(USER) THEN, but the last line is like this:
  • = * Set ALLOWTOPICCHANGE = JohnSmith "= the quotes are for the ending of the if. For some reason it now takes is as part of the user name so nobody can edit it. Inserting a blank line between the name and the quotes solves the problem. Need to modify all user's pages manually?
  • FIXED: Thanks god for scripting. Modified 192 files, just checked a few and seem to be ok. JU


  • unable to directly contact via the configuration tool (from a broswer on the server), although is able to ping the site from terminal

  • unable to correctly install this plugin: required for ATAAC website
  • FIXED: Think I've fixed this, by correcting the plugin file ownership (to apache instead of root) - TC

  • unable to correctly install this plugin
  • Seemed to have same problem as Actiontrackingplugin - TC
  • Still not working, see WebStatistics
  • FIXED module perl-GD installed via yum. JC


TWiki web header errors

Forum Web display
  • errors on pages other than <nop>WebHome
  • In posts editing, line skipping does not work. See this link for an illustration.
FIXED: See above, still has the same skin as the TWiki Web (no logo, weird colour) -- JuanUribe - 2009-10-27

Topics editing
  • Should the "Raw edit" mode be default for everyone? It was a known issue that the WYSIWYG mode and the Raw edit mode were incompatible for table editing, but now it's even more obvious since WYSIWYG is default.
  • I've just been 'playing' with the WYSIWYG editor and it can be pretty frustrating - especially if some pages contain none standard formatting - is there a way to make a page 'raw-editable-only'? One thing I noticed is that editing using the 'TWiki Mark Up' button from WYSIWYG is NOT the same as editing with rawedit. The fact that you have to 'bypass' WYSIWYG can cause problems: -- AlistairRevell - 2009-10-26
  • UPDATE: I just added a raw_edit button to the top of every page by adding the 'raw_edit_link' to the view.**.tmpl file as follows. Other standard links are available in viewtopicactionbuttons.tmpl-- AlistairRevell - 2009-11-06:

Form displayed at bottom of page
  • forms always displayed at bottom of page
  • FIXED: : adding the following line to view.***.tmpl suppresses this. -- AlistairRevell - 2009-10-27
  • to re-display forms at bottom of all pages put
* The users page still displays twice the bottom tool bar and the revision info - JU
ICONS in formfields
  • Had problem displaying icons in formfields, as in the testcase status (e.g. 1 star, 2 stars...) as in TestCaseDescForm, most likely something to do with WYSIWIG...
  • FIXED: : solution was to use select-value as a formfield type instead of select. this allows a text entry in the formfield to equate to a piece of code in the rendered text -- AlistairRevell - 2009-10-27
  • e.g. select-value | onestar = stargold


Machine hostnames wrong
  • causing problems with Database, Flomania, Desider sites ( FIXED: - TC).

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