Unsteady RANS modelling

This is a page dedicated to developments of an unsteady RANS (EVM) model.

New developments results

Cas model of Revell (2006).

Lag model

Lag model of [1] and [2]: an additional transport equation is added to any EVM to solve for the turbulent viscosity (nut_solved). The equation read is a classical convection-diffusion eqn + a source term of the form: (nut_model - nut_solved)/time_scale, where nut_model is the turbulent viscosity given by the baseline model.


  • [1] Olsen, M. E. and Coakley, T. J. (2001). The lag model, a turbulence model for non-equilibrium flows. AIAA paper, pp 2001-2564.
  • [2] Olsen, M.E., Lillard, R.P. and Coakley, T.J (2005). The lag model applied to high speed flows.

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