• 2012.05.07: Code_Saturne has a new central website, at http://www.code-saturne.org. The site contains a forum, bugtracker, downloads documentation, and news sections. It does not yet contain any test cases compared to this TWiki, so using the new website is recommended for most subjects, but this TWiki remains relevant for test-case or turbulence-related aspects.
  • 2011.07.20: Code_Saturne version 2.0.2 is now available for download from the EDF website: http://www.code-saturne.org. It is a validated, production version.
  • 2010.11.11: Code_Saturne users meeting in Paris on Dec 7th, 2010. Go here for registration.
  • 2010.02.26: Download the last plugin CFDSTUDY-2.0 for SALOME 5.1.3 and Code_Saturne 2.0-rc1 here
  • 2010.02.25: Code_Saturne version 2.0.0-rc1 is now available for download from the EDF website. It is a release candidate. It is distributed for development purposes and should not be used in production.
  • 2009.08.05: Code_Saturne version 2.0.0-beta2 is now available for download from the EDF website: http://www.code-saturne.org. It is a beta-release, partially validated, development version. It is distributed for development purposes and should not be used in production. It is currently being validated.
  • 2009.05.22: Download the SALOME platform with Code_Saturne integrated here
  • 2008.11.12: Download a tutorial of Paraview, an open-source application for visualizing results from Code_Saturne.
  • 2008.09.05: Download the first development version of Code_Saturne with code coupling capabilities.
  • 2008.09.03: Discover the tables program, a database on fluids materials.
  • 2008.08.12: Code_Saturne selected by EU HPC centres in petaflop benchmarking PRACE project
  • 2008.07.30: See animation of lightning simulation by ONERA with Code_Saturne (clic here to ONERA animations)
  • 2008.07.15: Code_Saturne training day Agenda
  • 2008.04.28: Code_Saturne 1.3.2 fully validated version available for download.
  • 2008.04.23: Code_Saturne awarded gold status on HPCx at Daresbury labs.
  • 2008.04.04: STURM4 project meeting. Check here for more info.
  • 2008.02.20: Code_Saturne runs also on Mac OSX.
  • 2008.02.15: Presentations from the Jan 30th.meeting are at bottom of this page: AgendaMeeting300108
  • 2008.02.12: Test version of WALE model
  • 2008.01.24: Agenda for the meeting uploaded.
    • A new topic with the agenda for the meeting at Manchester between EDF and UoM people has been created. See it here
  • 2008.01.23: Test Case database forms updated.
    • There is now a new format for the forms used for the test case description and for adding the results. The new forms include tags, so the same description can be used in different pages. The new form for allows for the inclusion of results by just clicking a button and filling the results form. Names are automatically generated which makes thing much easier. Please let me know what do you thing on the forum. -- Juan.
  • 2008.01.21: News plugin added
    • The new plugin will update the the headlines on the Main page. Just add news in the same format on this page.
  • 2008.01.30: C-S developers from Chatou visit
    • (Marc, David, Thomas) will visit Uni Man developers Wed 30 Jan.
  • 2007.12.22: Fortran files to compute high order channel flow statistics
    • For well resolved simulations (DNS or quasi DNS) are available under Richard Howard's homepage.

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