Turbulence models available in Code_Saturne

The %$k - \varepsilon$% model

Two equation model for use with wall functions. Two versions available, the standard and the Production Limited.

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The %$\varphi-f$% model

This is Low-Reynolds model that solves three transport equations and one elliptic equation to take into account the near wall effects where the log-law is not applicable.

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Shear Stress Transport (SST)

A model that combines %$k - \varepsilon$% and %$k - \omega$% and limits the turbulent viscosity using a function based on the wall distance and the strain rate.

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Second Moment Closures






Other models not available on the official release

This models have been developed by researches and are not on the official release of Code_Saturne and therefore have not been extensively validated.

The BL-%$\overline{v^2}/k$% model

See here for details -

The Elliptic Blending Model

The Elliptic Blending Model (EBM) developed by Manceau and Hanjalic (2002) has been implemeted in v1.4.0. For details see here

Detached Eddy Simulation.

Hybrid RANS-LES two velocity fields.

A model that combines LES and RANS by using two different turbulent viscocities based on two velocity fields, one instantaneous and one averaged. See here for more details.

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