Code_Saturne has been awarded gold status on HPCx.

Code_Saturne is now also freely available to the UK research community on one of the UK national computer facilities (HPCx : IBM 2,560 processors).

The gold status means that anyone using the code will get up to 30% discount on the CPU hours used depending on the number of nodes.

Here is how the awards are given:

  • Bronze award: code must run at least 1.7 times faster on 256 processors (8 LPARs) than on 128 processors (4 LPARs), i.e. T128 / T256 ≥ 1.7.
  • Silver Award: T256 / T512 ≥ 1.7.
  • Gold Award: T512 / T1024 ≥ 1.7.
Clic here for more details on obtaining the awards.

Performance tests of Code_Saturne are published in the HPCx summer 2008 newsletter. A one page flyer is available here: saturne_gold_award.pdf.

Contact for Code_Saturne on HPCx: Charles Moulinec in the Computational Sciences and Engineering department at Daresbury Lab.

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