Guidelines for adding new test-cases.

To facilitate and standardise the procedure of adding a new test case, please bear in mind the following:

  1. Before adding a new case, please make sure it does not already exist in the database. If there is a similar case consider adding information rather than duplicating it.
  2. To create a new case, click on the "Create" button on the main page. This will create a new topic with the form already in place.
  3. When completing the form, try to fill all the fields. If you need more information on what the fields mean, just hover the mouse on the keyword and a small help text should appear.
  4. The Title field should contain the generic name of the case. Use something that can be understood by anyone rather than a complex reference from a special group or institution.
  5. The Type field refers to the reference solution that is used to compare different sets of results. This can be either experimental or numerical. If there is no reference solution, choose "Numerical" since only computational results will be added.
  6. The Author field refers to the people who produced the reference solution. Please make sure you have authorisation before posting actual data and do not violate any copyright.
  7. In the Status box you can select the quality/maturity of the current web-page. It is not a measure of the quality of the reference data. To see what the different icons mean, look at the main page.
  8. Please fill the Description box with all the details necessary to make it self-contained. Remember that the objective is that anyone reading the page should be able to reproduce the case with the information on this page.
  9. In the Flow Parameters field you can add all the relevant information about the set-up of the case, such as nondimensional numbers (Re, Mach, Nusselts ...).
  10. In the Reference Publication field add all publications that you consider relevant, not only the ones of the reference data.

If you need to add pictures or any other information, you can do it in the main editing box, like any other TWiki page.

When you create a link to insert an image, please make sure that you don't fix the size, i.e. witdth='650' but rather use set the size as percentage of the total page. This allows the browser to resize the picture so that it is in full view regardless of the size of the browser window. It also helps when producing pdf documents from the web.

You can tag the case using the tag buttons at the bottom of the page. Select an existing tag from the drop box and click the plus "+" sign. If you don't see any tag that matches your query, create a new one by clicking on the link.

Finally remember that the more information you can add, the better

IMPORTANT: When you are creating the page (description or results) for the first time, it is necessary that you SAVE before you can do a PREVIEW. Otherwise the data won't be displayed in the correct format.

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