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Icon Status (progress and quality of test-case)
stargold documentation good enough for users to run simulations and contribute results
stargold stargold recommended test-case, some reference solutions available
stargold stargold stargold recommended test-case, reference solutions confirmed and concensus reached
stargold stargold stargold lock Case now thoroughly checked and locked as it is used as reference in QA procedures
tip suggestion for new test case, help welcome
wrench under construction, help wanted
question clarifications needed, help wanted
stop some defects in reference data suspected, test case might be dropped

Case Authors Type Status
Channel Flow Kim et al. Numerical  
Flow past a heated circular cylinder Scholten and Murray Experimental stargold
NACA0015 with a ZNMF-Jet Tuck et al. Experimental  
Fuel Rod Bundle Krauss and Meyer Experimental wrench
Vertical Heated Pipe J. You et al. Numerical stargold stargold stargold
Flow through a Staggered Tube bundle Moulinec et al. Numerical  
SFR Fuel Rods with spiral wire   Numerical tip
2D low-Reynolds flow around cylinder Various authors Numerical stargoldstargold
3D Diffuser Cherrye et al. Experimental  
Flat Plate Transitional Boundary Layers M. Savill Experimental stargold
Mixed convection in a vertical channel Kasagi, N. and Nishimura, M. Numerical  
Asymmetric plane diffuser Buice, C.U. and Eaton, J.K. Experimental  
Flow over 2D periodic hills Temmerman and Leschziner Numerical stargold
Thermal mixing in a T-junction Westin et al. Experimental tip
Swirling Flow in a Pipe   Experimental tip
WATLON Thermal mixing Tee junction   Experimental  
Flow over a 2D hill Almeida et al. Experimental  
2D Rib roughness Rau et al Numerical tip
Parietal two-phase jet SAto Y. , Hishida K. and Maeda M. Experimental wrench
Coaxial stable jets loaded with particles Hishida et. al. Experimental wrench
CERCHAR : Combustion of pulverised Coal in Cerchar's furnace (duplicated, see TestCase056)   Numerical stargold stargold
Genova's pump Ubaldi Numerical wrench
Turbulent diffusion flame (Sandia flame) Steward , and Tennankore Experimental  
3D AGR Fuel Element A. Keshmiri Numerical tip
Propane/air diffusion flame Steward F.R., Tennankore K.N. Experimental tip
U-bend circular cross section Azzola J., Humphrey J.A.C., Experimental stargold
Diurnal evolution of an atmospheric boundary layer Clarke et al. Experimental  
Pulverised coal combustion in a furnace CERCHAR Experimental question
Flow through a staggered tube bundle (FEDORA) Simonin and Barcouda Analytical stargoldstargoldstargold
Convective heat transfer on a disrupted mesh Karim Osman Numerical stargold
Open Channel Flow Umair Ahmed, David Apsley, Timothy Stallard, Peter Stansby, Imran Afgan Numerical stargold
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CFD Databases

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Name URL
ERCOFTAC Classic Collection Database for the validation of turbulence models http://cfd.mace.manchester.ac.uk/ercoftac/
AGARD ftp://torroja.dmt.upm.es/
University of Tokyo, Turbulence and Heat Transfer Databse http://www.thtlab.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp/
iCFDDatabase http://cfd.cineca.it/cfd/icfddatabase
Kawamura Lab http://murasun.me.noda.tus.ac.jp/turbulence/
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Test Cases

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