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  • BulkRegistration: Administrators can use this topic to register (i.e. create logins and user topics) for a group of people ...
  • ChangeEmailAddress: Security Note : Set Email user #64; %IF{ "context passwords modifyable" then ...
  • InstalledPlugins: Plugins are mainly user contributed add ons that enhance and extend TWiki features and capabilities. ...
  • ManagingWebs: Adding, renaming and deleting webs are all web based operations. Overview A TWikiSite is divided into ...
  • ResetPassword: %IF{ "context passwords modifyable" then "" else "" }% : ...
  • SiteMap: TWiki Web Description of Web Used to... Links \" alt \"Web color\" width \"16\" height ...
  • SitePermissions: Web Sitemap VIEW CHANGE RENAME Listed DENY ALLOW DENY ALLOW ...
  • TWikiReferenceManual: Documentation for webmasters, system administrators, project managers, team leaders, and all other users ...
  • TWikiSiteTools: Utilities for searching, navigation, and monitoring site activity TWiki Site Tools include utilities ...
  • WebHome: The official TWiki site is Welcome to the TWiki Web The place to learn about TWiki features ...
  • WebLeftBar: " warn "off"}% nop ...
  • WebStatistics: Month: Topic views: Topic saves: File uploads: Most popular topic views: Top contributors ...


Administrators can enable and disable plugins using configure.
  • SetGetPlugin (2010-10-17, V1.0 - $Rev: 19581 (2010-10-17) $): Set and get variables
  • SpreadSheetPlugin (any TWiki, $Rev: 17911 (29 Apr 2009) $): Add spreadsheet calculation like "$SUM( $ABOVE() )" to TWiki tables and other topic text
  • ActionTrackerPlugin (21 May 2007, $Rev: 16787 (12 Dec 2008) $): Adds support for action tags in topics, and automatic notification of action statuses
  • AttachLinkPlugin (Dakar, $Rev: 10608$): Painless links to attachments
  • AttachmentListPlugin (2010-07-25, $Rev: 19248 (2010-07-25) $): Displays a formattable list of topic attachments, anywhere in a topic.
  • BatchUploadPlugin (1.4, $Rev: 17006 (12 Dec 2008) $): Attach multiple files at once by uploading a zip archive
  • CalendarPlugin (Dakar, $Rev: 14775 (11 Dec 2008) $): Show a monthly calendar with highlighted events
  • ChartPlugin (any TWiki, $Rev: 18185 (25 Oct 2009) $): Create PNG or GIF charts to visualize TWiki tables
  • CommentPlugin (03 Aug 2008, $Rev: 17791 (29 Apr 2009) $): Allows users to quickly post comments to a page without an edit/preview/save cycle
  • DoxygenPlugin (Dakar, $Rev: 15561 (12 Dec 2008) $): Creates links to doxygen-generated docs using %DOX{classname}%.
  • EditTablePlugin (4.9.1, $Rev: 18014 (29 Apr 2009) $): Edit TWiki tables using edit fields, date pickers and drop down boxes
  • EmbedPlugin (Dakar, $Rev: 15561 (12 Dec 2008) $): Embeds MediaPlayer files in a TWiki page
  • FileUploadPlugin (Geertje, $Rev: 12345): Makes TWikiForms capable handling files
  • FlexWebListPlugin (v1.23, $Rev: 16971 (12 Dec 2008) $): Flexible way to display hierarchical weblists
  • ForEachPlugin (1.000): Loop over successive elements of a list, or a range of numbers.
  • GenPDFLatexPlugin (2.200, $Rev: 16334$): Support functions for the GenPDFLatexAddOn package
  • GnuPlotPlugin (Dakar, $Rev: 1.0$): Allows users to plot data and functions using GnuPlot
  • HeadlinesPlugin (2.21, $Rev: 17907 (29 Apr 2009) $): Show headline news in TWiki pages based on RSS and ATOM news feeds from external sites
  • IfDefinedPlugin (v1.02, $Rev: 16972 (11 Dec 2008) $): Render content conditionally
  • ImageGalleryPlugin (3.72, $Rev: 17034 (12 Dec 2008) $): Displays image gallery with auto-generated thumbnails from attachments
  • ImagePlugin (1.20, $Rev: 16981 (12 Dec 2008) $): Control the display and alignment of images using an easy syntax
  • InterwikiPlugin (28 Feb 2009, $Rev: 14913 (17 Sep 2007) $): Link ExternalSite:Page text to external sites based on aliases defined in a rules topic
  • JQueryPlugin (2011-07-08, $Rev: 21597 (2011-07-08) $): jQuery JavaScript library for TWiki
  • LatexModePlugin (3.71, $Rev: 16926 (12 Dec 2008) $): Enables LaTeX markup (mathematics and more) in TWiki topics
  • LinkOptionsPlugin (Dakar, $Rev: 15565 (12 Dec 2008) $): Extends the "Forced Specific Links" syntax [[URL or TopicName][Link Text][Options]]
  • MatplotlibPlugin (Dakar, $Rev: 1.0$): Allows users to plot data and functions using GnuPlot
  • NewsPlugin (Dakar, $Rev: 15565 (12 Dec 2008) $): %NEWS% generates a short headlines topic from a list of news
  • ObjectPlugin (Dakar, $Rev: 17674 (21 Oct 2008) $): Embed Multi-Media Objects into TWiki topics (replaces EmbedPlugin)
  • PreferencesPlugin (TWiki-4.3, $Rev: 18016 (29 Apr 2009) $): Allows editing of preferences using fields predefined in a form
  • RenderListPlugin (2.0, $Rev: 16235 (29 Apr 2009) $): Render bullet lists in a variety of formats
  • SlideShowPlugin (02 Aug 2008, $Rev: 17260 (29 Apr 2009) $): Create web based presentations based on topics with headings.
  • SmiliesPlugin (Dakar, $Rev: 16049 (29 Apr 2009) $): Render smilies as icons, like smile for  :-) or eek! for  :eek:
  • SyntaxHighlightingPlugin (TWiki-4.2, 1.000): Highlights code fragments for many languages using enscript
  • TWikiNetSkinPlugin: (disabled)
  • TablePlugin (1.036, $Rev: 17769 (29 Apr 2009) $): Control attributes of tables and sorting of table columns
  • TagMePlugin (TWiki 4, 1.049): Tag wiki content collectively to find content by keywords
  • TinyMCEPlugin (03 Aug 2008, $Rev: 17302 (29 Apr 2009) $): Integration of TinyMCE with WysiwygPlugin
  • TopicDataHelperPlugin (2010-07-25, $Rev: 19246 (2010-07-25) $): Helper plugin for collecting, filtering and sorting data objects.
  • TreeBrowserPlugin (v1.8): Renders a list as a collapsable/expandable tree.
  • TreePlugin (1.7): Dynamic generation of TWiki topic trees
  • TwistyPlugin (1.4.12, $Rev: 15653 (19 Nov 2007) $): Twisty section JavaScript library to open/close content dynamically
  • WysiwygPlugin (18 Apr 2009, $Rev: 18020 (29 Apr 2009) $): Translator framework for Wysiwyg editors
see also: TWikiPlugins

TWiki Version

  • TWiki engine: TWiki-4.3.1, Wed, 29 Apr 2009, build 18054
  • Plugin API: 1.2

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