Plane Wake Near a Swept Wing

Measurements were taken in the wake in the vicinity of a wing-body junction, with a symmetric airfoil at an angle of incidence of 15o, and sweep angle of 22o.

The Reynolds number based on chord was \(Re_{chord} = 500,000\).

Flow geometry Fig. 1: Flow geometry

Velocities were measured with X-hot-wire probes.

Data available includes mean velocities and Reynolds stresses across \(x\)-\(z\) planes at a number of \(y\) locations.

Sample plots of selected quantities are available.

The data can be downloaded as compressed archives from the links below, or as individual files.

Mean Velocity and Reynolds Stress Measurements
\(y\) location File
\(y=10\) mm si4fy010.dat
\(y=20\) mm si4fy020.dat
\(y=30\) mm si4fy030.dat
\(y=40\) mm si4fy040.dat
\(y=50\) mm si4fy050.dat
\(y=60\) mm si4fy060.dat
\(y=70\) mm si4fy070.dat
\(y=80\) mm si4fy080.dat
\(y=90\) mm si4fy090.dat
\(y=100\) mm si4fy100.dat
  1. Pailhas. G., Jayaraman, V. (1989). Experimental investigation of a three-dimensional wake in the vicinity of a wing-body junction. DERAT-CERT Report no. 29/5025.20.

Indexed data:

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titlePlane Wake Near a Swept Wing
authorPailhas, Jayaraman
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