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Case Title Author(s) Year Type
case001Isothermal Dump Combustor With SwirlAhmed, Boray, Nejad1992EXP
case0023D Flow in Wedge-Plate JunctionAnderson, Eaton1985EXP
case003Plane Wake after a Circular CylinderAntonia, Browne1985EXP
case004Swirling and Non-Swirling Flows in Curved PipeAnwer, So1989EXP
case005Unsteady Boundary LayerBrereton, Jayaraman, Reynolds1988EXP
case006Square-Sectioned Duct 180 degree BendChoi, Moon, Yang1990EXP
case007Circular to Rectangular Transition DuctDavis, Gessner1990EXP
case008Wing-Body Junction with SeparationDevenport, Fleming, Simpson1988EXP
case009Natural Convection Boundary LayerNagano, Tsuji1987EXP
case010Couette Flow with Fixed Wavy WallIwata, Kitoh, Nakabayashi1989EXP
case011Airfoil Boundary Layer and WakeNakayama1983EXP
case012Vortices in Boundary LayerEaton, Pauley1987EXP
case013Sudden Pipe ExpansionSzczepura1985EXP
case014Homogeneous Curved FlowHolloway, Tavoularis1990EXP
case015Transitional Cascade FlowDeutsch, Zierke1989EXP
case016Horizontal Convective Boundary LayerSchmidt, Schumann1988LES
case017Laterally Strained Boundary LayersBettelini, Pompeo, Thomann1992EXP
case0182D Model Hill FlowsAlmeida, Durao, Heitor1992EXP
case019Boundary Layer with Adverse Pressure GradientGasser, Thomann1992EXP
case020Flat Plate Transitional Boundary LayersCoupland1990EXP
case021Sink Flow Boundary LayerSpalart1986DNS
case022Boundary Layer in and Downstream from Convex CurvatureAlving, Smits, Watmuff1990EXP
case023Boundary Layer in a Concave BendJohnson1990EXP
case024Stably Curved Mixing LayerBradshaw, Castro1976EXP
case025Normally Impinging Jet from a Circular NozzleBaughn, Cooper, Jackson, Launder, Liao, Shimizu1993EXP
case026Single-Stream Swirling Jet in Still AirMorse1980EXP
case027Infinite 35 degree swept wingElsenaar, Lindhout, Van den Berg, Wesseling1975EXP
case028Pseudo-Ekman Boundary LayerSpalart1989DNS
case029Time-Periodic Boundary LayerFredsoe, Jensen, Sumer1989EXP
case030Backward-Facing Step with Inclined Opposite WallDriver, Seegmiller1985EXP
case031Backward-Facing StepLe, Moin1992DNS
case032Channel FlowKim, Moin, Moser1987DNS
case033Constant-Pressure Boundary LayerSpalart1988DNS
case034Plane Mixing LayerBellin, Bonnet, Delville, Garem1989EXP
case035Low Reynolds Number Turbulent Flow Near WakesGough, Hancock1986EXP
case036Couette Flow with Plane Fixed WallCorenflos, Dang Tran, Dupont, Monnier, Rida, Stanislas1993EXP
case037Pulsed Channel FlowBinder, Blackwelder, Feng, Tardu, Vezin1993EXP
case038Circular air jetAnselmet, Fulachier1993EXP
case039Rotating Homogeneous Turbulence in Axisymmetric ContractionDupeuble, Leuchter1993EXP
case040Plane Wake Near a Swept WingJayaraman, Pailhas1989EXP
case041Flow Around Surface-Mounted Cubical ObstacleMartinuzzi, Tropea1993EXP
case042Flows over 3D and 2D HillsLawson, Thompson1990EXP
case043Vortex Shedding Past Square CylinderLyn, Rodi1994EXP
case0442D Channel Flow with/without Scalar TransportHoriuti1992DNS
case0452D Chanel Flow with/without Thermal FieldKasagi, Kuroda, Ohtsubo, Tomita1992DNS
case046Couette Flow with Plane Fixed WallHirata, Kasagi, Kuroda1993DNS
case047Homogeneous Isotropic Flow with/without Mean Temperature GradientIida, Kasagi1992DNS
case048Homogeneous Isotropic Decay of Passive Scalar FluctuationsIshizu, Miyauchi1991DNS
case049Homogeneous Turbulent Shear FlowsMatsumoto, Nagano, Tsuji1992DNS
case050Boundary layer on the verge of separationDengel, Fernholz1989EXP
case051Boundary layer in an S-shaped channelBrunet, Truong1989EXP
case052Duct flows with smooth and rough wallsFujita, Gotoh, Hasegawa, Hirota, Nagata, Yokosawa1988EXP
case053Backward-facing inclined stepMakiola, Ruck1992EXP
case054Upslope and vertical convective boundary layerSchumann1990LES
case0552D plane turbulent wall jetEriksson, Karlsson, Persson1991EXP
case056Backward-facing step with uniform normal bleedTsai, Yang1994EXP
case0573-Dimensional Boundary Layer Generated by a Spinning bodyDriver, Johnston1990EXP
case058Pipe constrictionDurst, Wang1991EXP
case059Swirling mixing layerClausen, Mehta, Wood1991EXP
case060Swirling boundary layer in a conical diffuserClausen, Koh, Wood1993EXP
case061Wake of a streamwise axially rotating cylinderClausen, Peterson, Wood1994EXP
case062Developing flow in curved rectangular ductKim, Patel1991EXP
case063Wing-body junction flowOlcmen, Simpson1990EXP
case064Flow approaching a wall-mounted circular cylinderDechow, Felsch1977EXP
case065Turning flow over a flat plateMuller1982EXP
case066Strained flow over a streamwise axially rotating cylinderBissonnette, Mellor1974EXP
case067Flow along a streamwise axially rotating cylinderLohmann1976EXP
case068Near-wake flow of a V-gutter with slit bleedTsai, Yang1991EXP
case069Flow over isolated 2D hillKhurshudyan, Nekrasov, Snyder1991EXP
case070Flow over isolated 2D valleyKhurshudyan, Lawson, Nekrasov, Schiermeier, Snyder, Thompson1991EXP
case071Turbulent plane Couette flowAlfredsson, Andersson, Bech, Tillmark1995DNS
case072Turbulent pipe flow with swirlSteenbergen1995EXP
case073Flat plate transitional boundary layerVoke, Yang1995LES
case074Flow around inclined prolate spheroidKreplin1993EXP
case075Flow through axisymmetric expansionsNitsche, Stieglmeier, Tropea, Weiser1989EXP
case076Flow over a wavy wallDykhno, Hanratty, Hudson1995EXP
case077Separated turbulent flow over a wavy wallMaaƟ, Schumann1995DNS
case078Flow through staggered tube bundleBarcouda, Simonin1986EXP
case079Turbulent natural convection in an enclosed tall cavityBetts, Bokhari1996EXP
case080Steady flow past tube bundlesBalabani1996EXP
case081Flow over Periodic HillsLeschziner, Temmerman2001LES
case082Flow around a simplified car body (Ahmed body)Becker, Lienhart, Stoots2000EXP
case083Wall-mounted two-dimensional hump with oscillatory zero-mass-flux jet or suction through a slotGreenblatt, Harris, Paschal, Schaeffler, Washburn, Yao2004EXP
case084Turbulent boundary layer over a cubeCastro, Hoxey, Lim2006EXP
case085Turbulent Stokes boundary layerArmenio, Crise, Salon2007LES
case086Surface pressure in normal triangular tube arraysMahon, Meskell2009EXP
case087Flow and deflection measurements of FSI-induced oscillation of two rigid structures in turbulent flowsLienhart, Pereira Gomes2011EXP
case088Combined flow and deformation measurements of FSI-induced oscillation of a bluff flexible structure in uniform flowsLienhart, Pereira Gomes2011EXP
case089Torque Scaling in Taylor-Couette FlowEgbers, Fischer, Merbold2011EXP
case090Viscous boundary layers in turbulent Rayleigh-Benard convectiondu Puits, Emran, Li, Resagk, Schumacher, Shi, Thess2012EXP
case091Thermal boundary layers in turbulent Rayleigh-Benard convection at aspect ratios between 1 and 9du Puits, Resagk, Thess2013EXP
case092Measurements and numerical determination in differentially rotating wide gap Taylor-Couette flowBrauckmann, Egbers, Merbold2013EXP
case093The CoLaPipe - The new Cottbus large pipe test facility at Brandenburg University of TechnologyEgbers, Konig, Onguner, Zanoun2015EXP
case094Local and time-resolved wall heat flux in turbulent Rayleigh-Benard convectiondu Puits, Hertlein2021EXP